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Live Shows

We’re back to showing our driftwood art at live events…

Shows offer a great opportunity to view and acquire a large range of our driftwood sculptures and furnishings, most of which will have been recently finished, along with a large selection of smaller driftwood items not available online, a favourite with flower arrangers, sculptors and anyone requiring inspiration.

A typical display will contain Driftwood Sculptures of various sizes and styles. Driftwood Furnishings such as tables and chairs, Driftwood Art featuring skeletal fish, driftwood boats, bullrushes, dragonflies.

All shows are manned by the collector and artist Adam Parker, who will be happy to give advice, care instructions for your driftwood art and discuss any requirements you may have.

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About Us

Woodenzone is the story of two artists/creators bound by a love for crafting beautiful things from Driftwood…

Behind the scenes we’re a small team of dedicated creatives and we’re passionate about what we do.

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Driftwood Matters

“Ethically sourced, our driftwood is collected with Government permission and local assistance from the studding wild, wet, west coast shores of New Zealand.”

the driftwood we collect mainly originates from indigenous, prehistoric species, unique to the rainforests that flourish along the foothills of the Southern Alps. High rainfall ensures an ever-replenishing source of driftwood creations, beaten and transformed by the elements into organic masterpieces.

Crafted by nature on the wild and wet southern west coastal shores of New Zealand. Each piece has been personally selected from the shores, for its individuality, aesthetics and sculptural potential. The abstract and tactile nature of driftwood is an infinite source of inspiration, with a multitude of applications.

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Please Note
Viewing/Visit by Appointment Only.
We welcome visits to the workshop, so you can view our artwork and select the right pieces for your collection.
Call 07956 064072 to book your visit
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