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A unique selection of driftwood sculptures and furniture

designed to organically enhance any environment.

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Updated October 2015


Driftwood Preview 2015 A selection of driftwood images taken in New Zealand which form part of the 2015 collection.


Crafted by the forces of nature on the wild and wet

southern west coastal shores of New Zealand.

Originating from indigenous, prehistoric species,

unique to the rain forests that flourish along the

foothills of the Southern Alps.  High rainfall ensures

an ever replenishing source of driftwood creations,

beaten and transformed by the elements into

organic masterpieces.

Each piece has been personally selected from the shores,

for it’s individuality, aesthetics and sculptural potential.

The abstract and tactile nature of driftwood is an infinite

source of inspiration, with a multitude of applications.


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Driftwood versatility

Driftwood sculptures make beautiful, decorative, centre stage art pieces to be admired.  Nonetheless, they can also incorporate a function such aswater features, tables bases, benches, picture frames, bowls, candle holders, shelf brackets, jewellery trees, fire place mantles, handles,door knobs, lamps, planters, key fobs, light pulls and handles.

Driftwood care

The hard, gnarled, nature of driftwood means very little effort is required in the  way of preservation.    Outdoor sculptures will generally acquire a silvery patina, caused by exposure to UV light.  In most cases it is best to display them on stones or paving slabs, so water can drain away from the base.  Without any treatment at all, a driftwood sculpture should last over 25 years, with the hardest woods lasting ovSkeletal fisher 100 years.  To prolong the life of the wood, there are a variety of wood treatment products available from DIY stores.    Products like “Thompson’s Water Seal” is ideal for preserving timber without changing it’s natural hues and is virtually invisible.  Two coats are recommended.  A pressure wash may also be used toremove any algae or moss which can build up on the wood if it is being displayed in shaded areas and damp areas.  The wood can also be spayed with a fungicide.  Interior driftwood requires no treatment at all, except the occasional dusting.  Driftwood supplied oiled or waxed will benefit by being re-oiled or waxed annually as required.


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