Woodenzone is the story of two artists/creators bound by a love for crafting beautiful things from Driftwood and living free from conventional thinking.

The studio was founded by New Zealand born Artist and Creator Nigel Peterken more than 20 years ago and is established as the UK’s premiere source for New Zealand driftwood.

Nigel was well known for his talent and regular appearances as the Chelsea flower show and all the top garden shows and outdoor events across the UK.

Following Nigel’s untimely death due to illness (2019), fellow artist and craftsman Adam Parker, who worked closely with Nigel, is keeping the vision that built Woodenzone, growing and moving forward.

Adam has many years of experience and if you looked carefully, you may have spotted him helping behind the scenes at shows prior to taking over Woodenzone due to Nigel’s illness.

Adam loves to go that extra mile when creating work, especially when he’s working a commission to bring a client’s ideas to life. His work is often both innovative and experimental, but his main inspiration is the wood itself and he is a master of vision and bringing each piece to life.

As part of the rebirth of Nigel’s vision for Woodenzone, we have now rebranded and we are using a simple koru within our logo design. The custom koru has been chosen to becuase of it’s meaning and to honour both the land where our driftwood is reclaimed and Nigel’s heritage.

Why a koru?
Often used in used in Māori art as a symbol of creation, a koru’s spiral shaped is representative of unfurling fern fronds. The koru’s simple circular outline conveys the idea of perpetual movement, and its spiral coil returns to the centre, a return to the point of origin. The koru therefore symbolises creation, new life and the way in which it changes and yet stays the same… A sentiment Nigel himself held dear.